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Permit – less carry in Texas


In Texas, not everyone can carry a gun legally without an LTC (license to carry). Permit – less Carry in Texas does come with limitations and restrictions. Therefore, I have listed the 4 major requirements to carry under Texas HB1927, the permit-less carry act.

  1. A resident must be 21 years of age
  2. Can not be prohibited from possessing a firearm in a public place under Texas Law
  3. Can not have been convicted of: (1) Assault causes bodily injury; (2) Deadly Conduct; (3) Terrorist Threat; (4) Disorderly conduct – Discharging a Firearm; or Disorderly conduct Displaying a Firearm within the past five years
  4. Must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition under federal law

In other words, just because you can buy a gun legally, does not mean that you can carry it without an LTC. As long as you are a Texas resident, and meet all the requirements, you can legally carry a gun under Permit – less in Texas! For more information on all the restrictions and limitations in carrying your gun without a license, simply enroll in our 30 minute online permit-less carry course and know the laws!!

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