License to Carry Online

License to Carry Online

Russell’s Guns and Gear now offers Texans License to Carry Online! No more spending all day on a Saturday in a classroom with strangers. Get the classroom portion (required by DPS) done in the comfort of your own home. The class can be taken on any device, including your Smart Phone! Anyone from anywhere in Texas can take our class online. In addition, we are an approved provider with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and you can take it today for just $59. Obtaining your License to Carry has never been easier!

Whether you concealed carry or open carry, you need to get your LTC today. The LTC Certification has fewer restrictions and limitations than permit-less carry, and more Texans are carrying than ever before. Trespass protection, campus carry, and carrying past “no gun” signs are just some of the benefits enjoyed by LTC holders. Similarly, law enforcement will know immediately that you have an LTC and are a responsible gun owner!


Yes! The best benefit of having a state issued License to Carry Online certification is the freedom to travel with your gun legally. For instance, Texas currently has reciprocal relationships with 37 states. Check the map below and the green states that you can travel to and carry in. In other words, having a Texas LTC provides you with many options to carry and protect yourself and family. Get yours today!

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