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Online LTC Class – Texas

Now the Online LTC Class – Texas can be taken at home, at your convenience! Take the class from any device including your Smart Phone. Progress is saved each time you log off, allowing you to complete the class at your own pace. Russell’s Guns and Gear is an approved Online LTC Class – Texas provider by the Department of Public Safety. We have thousands of students statewide who have completed our class online. Anyone from any part of Texas can take our class!


Texas pass HB 1927 in September of 2021. Consequently, more Texans are carrying than ever before. However, you must qualify to carry without a license, and the limitations penalties are severe. You should read the bill and understand the law before you carry concealed or open! Get your LTC here, and remove the restrictions, and increase the places that you can carry. There are many benefits to getting your LTC online, and these are just a few:

  • Carry past “no gun” signs –
  • Campus Carry –
  • Bypass background check when buying a gun –
  • Carry in more places_
  • School Zone Carry –
  • Carry in 37 states –

The best benefit you enjoy with your LTC certification is the right to legally carry in 37 states! In other words, Texas has reciprocal agreements with all the green states in the map below. Always research a states specific laws before you travel to them, but you’ll be protected legally when carrying to these states!!


In addition to taking the Online LTC Class – Texas from the comfort of your own home, you will need to take a shooting qualification with a License to Carry Instructor. Virtually all gun ranges near you have instructors that can perform the shooting qualification portion with you. Simply print the LTC101 certificate immediately after completing our class. Call your local range and schedule a time to complete the shooting portion with them! It’s that easy!

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