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Russell’s Guns and Gear offers the best Online LTC – Forth Worth class for gun owners in Fort Worth! Get your License to Carry online, from the comfort of your own home. No more spending all day on a Saturday in a classroom full of strangers. You can take our Online LTC – Fort Worth class from any device including your Smart Phone! Anyone can take our approved class from anywhere in Texas. We are approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Therefore, you need get enrolled now!!


There are many benefits enjoyed by responsible gun owners who get their LTC in Texas. For instance, there are fewer restrictions and penalties for those who carry without one. We recommend getting your Texas LTC before you buy a gun. Just look at the privileges afforded those who carry legally:

  • Bypass the background checks when buying a gun
  • Carry past “no gun” signs
  • Campus carry
  • School Zone carry
  • Trespass protection
  • Legal protections
  • Carry in more placesPeace of mind when carrying
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Carry legally in 37 states


Yes. After you have completed the online class, you will be required to take a shooting test. However, it is designed to show that you know how to load and shoot a gun, more than an accuracy test. You will be required to score a certain amount of points, but the test is very easy. Most students pass well before the final stage. As long as you can load and fire your gun, you will do fine. Simply call your local gun range to schedule this portion of the Texas LTC certification.

The best benefit of obtaining your LTC is the ability to carry legally in 37 states across the country! Look at this map of states Texas has reciprocity with! That’s very cool! In conclusion, get your LTC today, it’s that easy!!

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