Online LTC - San Antonio

Online LTC – San Antonio

Russell’s Guns and Gear is your premier Online LTC – San Antonio provider! We are approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety as an online concealed carry class provider. Take our course from the comfort of your own home, at your pace. Log out, log back in, your progress is saved each time you need to stop, making our class extremely convenient for your busy schedule. Similarly, the class can be taken from any device, including your Smart Phone! It’s that easy!

Why do I need a License to Carry?

In September of 2021, Texas passed House Bill 1927. This bill allows a person who qualifies under the new law, to carry a handgun on them in public, without an LTC. However, there are many limitations and restrictions to permit-less carry. Know the laws and restrictions before you carry without a license to carry, and you can learn more HERE. Consequently, there are many benefits to obtaining your Online LTC – San Antonio that will protect you when you carry:

-License to Carry holders bypass the background check when purchasing a gun in Texas

-Trespass protection on private property

-School zone carry

-Protected when carrying beyond “No Gun” signs

-University campuses require an LTC to conceal carry

-Enjoy reciprocity with 37 states throughout the United States

Reciprocity map of Texas!

LTC 101 Certificate of Training

One you have completed the Online LTC – San Antonio class, immediately download and print your LTC 101 certificate. In addition, our course will guide you through the application process and direct you to your next steps. Once you have printed the certificate, simply take the certificate to your local gun range and present it to the range instructor to proceed to the shooting portion. It’s that easy!

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