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Self Defense – Castle Doctrine

The state of Texas currently has some of the strongest Self Defense – Castle Doctrine and defense of property laws. Do you know the when the use of deadly force becomes legal in Texas? The key definition used to determine if deadly force is justified is, “reasonable”. When you use your gun in self-defense, the presumption of reasonableness makes it easier to avoid criminal charges . However, there is no guarantee you wont be charged. Therefore, you need legal protection. U.S. Lawshield provides that protection 24/7/365. When members make that call, attorneys take over immediately from there. Attorneys fees are covered 100%, regardless of the cost! That is what membership does for you!

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Self Defense – Castle Doctrine laws give Texans broad rights to protect themselves and their family from an intruder. Similarly, defending your “castle” can be justified in a court of law with the right representation. U. S. Lawshield’s vast network of program attorneys go to work defending you right away. Often you speak to an attorney, before the police arrive. Become a member today, and protect yourself from prosecution.

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Simply click the link below, and begin your membership with U. S. Lawshield. Coverage begins right away, and you”ll have peace of mind knowing you’re covered. The program attorneys are on call 24/7/365, and your membership covers ALL costs 100%. In addition, there are even more benefits available to U. S. Lawshield members. Unlimited civil and criminal defense litigation. Attorney answered hotline 24/7/365. Coverage for all legal weapons. The benefits are all included with your monthly membership fee. Monthly fees as low as $10.95 per month. It’s so easy to join. Become a member of the freedom loving community!

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