Self Defense - Road Rage

Self Defense – Road Rage

Do you carry a gun with you in your car every day? Many Americans do drive with a gun in their car or on their person. Incidents of Self Defense and Road Rage are increasing every year and in 2021, the state of Texas passed HB1927 (permit-less carry). This will increase incidents of road rage and the use of firearms. Consequently, when you carry your gun in your car, you need to be legally protected.

U. S. Lawshield provides law abiding citizens legal and civil litigation representation. Although there is no criminal offense called “road rage” drivers can be charged with reckless endangerment, assault, or worst case, murder. It is always best to call 911, but in the event you need to use your gun in a road rage incident, U.S. Lawshield is there. Coverage begins immediately with a 24/7/365 Attorney Answered Hotline. Call this number after any incident involving your gun. You coverage includes no limits, or caps. Your attorney fees are covered 100% regardless of cost. Therefore, it is completely unlimited!


Self Defense – Road Rage covers begins at $131 a year, or $10.95 per month. All that unlimited coverage and an attorney on call 24/7! It’s that easy!! Lock in this low rate and get two months free using this link:

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In addition, you need to have your License to Carry before you begin to carry your weapon, whether in your car or on your person. Russell’s Guns and Gear offers Online LTC classes to all Texans! It is never been easier to get started obtaining your LTC online, and we are authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Get your License to Carry Online today! Just click the link below to get started!

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