Texas Concealed Carry Class

Take the Texas Concealed Carry Class from your home! It is easy, and can be done on any device at your leisure! Our online Texas license to carry class is approved statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This class has become the most popular way to get certified legally to carry open or concealed in Texas! Since the class is online, it can be taken from any device including a SMART PHONE, and you can start the class, stop the class, and pick it back up later. We make it so easy!! Do it over a few days, or weeks. Do it at your pace. Relax, it is so easy!!

Online Texas LTC Class

We have thousands of happy students statewide, who now benefit from having their LTC certification. These protections allow license holders to carry in many places that permit-less carry does not. They also enjoy reciprocity with 37 states in the U.S., and can carry legally in these states with no problem. Check the map below for a detailed look at states that have reciprocity with Texas.


This class covers all material needed to get your Texas License to Carry. It can be taken by anyone who is a Texas resident, and can be competed in 4 hours. Students can immediately download and print their LTC101 document upon completion of the online course. Once completed, simply take your LTC 101 training form to your local gun range, and complete the shooting portion with a certified LTC instructor. IT’S THAT EASY!! Just click the button below...

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