Texas Online LTC - Dallas

Texas Online LTC – Dallas

Do you live in Dallas Texas and carry a gun? Welcome to your fast and easy Texas Online LTC – Dallas course! This is your first step in obtaining your License to Carry certification. The Texas Department of Public Safety requires this “classroom” portion along with the shooting proficiency portion to complete your LTC certification.

Anyone from anywhere can take the Texas Online LTCDallas class. Take it from your Smart Phone, or any device and it’s easy and fun! This course will give you peace of mind when carrying your gun that you are legally protected!!


The online LTC course is 4 hours in length, (as required by DPS), however you can complete it in steps, stoping when you need to. Meanwhile, your progress is saved, so simply log back in, and resume the class right where you left off, making it even easier for you to complete!

Once you have completed the online class, immediately download and print the LTC 101 certification. Then contact any local range to complete the required shooting portion. A certified LTC Instructor will guide you through the shooting proficiency, and submit you’re paperwork to complete of your Texas License to Carry certification!

Texas Online LTC - Dallas


There are many benefits to obtaining your License to Carry. In addition, responsible gun owners want to ensure they are protected legally. Therefore, we’ve listed some of these benefits below.

Major Benefits include:

• Enjoy carry reciprocity in 37 states

• Bypassing another background check when purchasing a gun

• LTC holders can carry in places where constitutional carry is not permitted:

-Hospitals, nursing homes, gun-free zones, private property with no signage, etc.

• Invaluable knowledge about gun safety and proper storage of firearms

• Law enforcement immediately knows you are a license holder during traffic stops

• License holders are permitted by law to carry on college campus’s and sporting events

• Having your LTC says a lot about you: You don’t have a criminal record, and you pay your taxes and child support!

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